DEFCON Aficionados – Bring a Burner or Wall of Sheep Victim.

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Anyone in the InfoSec community is probably well familiar with the annual hax0r conference adequately named DEFCON. For those who do not I suggest you begin your “information gathering” by plugging that name into your search engine of choice. This conference is the platform for many to raise the bar in the hacking world with releases of the latest and greatest of revelations pertaining to the InfoSec community.

However, as with the universe there is a balance of good and bad that comes from such a conference. Having attended countless DEFCON conferences it can be said from experience that comes to no surprise many professionals do not come adequately prepared to such conferences. Assuming this conference is full of “white-hat” intellectuals would be your first damaging mistake. The aforementioned can be qualified by the moderately innocent (mooooooderate) Wall of Sheep that is present at these conference. For those who havent heard of it I suggest you take a gander at the link provided.

While the Wall of Sheep provides most with a visual representation of the wizardry that takes place at the conference at the behest of those attendees who decide to use their mobile devices to check their bank accounts, do taxes or even working a issue from work with their BYOD phone. The real issue is the Wall of Sheep you do not see.

Simply put, take your personal electronic devices to the conference at your own expense. Noting the “wear suncreen” poem ….

Ladies and gentlemen attending DEFCON ’24: Bring a Burner.

Do not take the risk of having your personal information or your company affiliation (or its data) exposed to the wrong “elements”.

Let me start off by stating I do not want this message to be misconstrued as a sales pitch by any means. But if you are not completely familiar with counter intelligence practices to acquire a true Zero Signature burner my company does provide them and has been for organizations for some time now. Feel free to PM me for information. We activate, and even provide Silent Circle licenses (at request) for the phones we provide to ensure you have secure communication capabilities. For further levels of protection we accept bitcoin amongst other thing.

Starting at around $45 TCO you cant go wrong. Either way, make sure you practice great OPSEC at such events.

This article was first published on “DEFCON Aficionados – Bring a Burner or Wall of Sheep Victim.” by J. Tate, due out July 19, 2016. Copyright © 2016 by J. Tate. With permission of the publisher, All rights reserved.

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