Propitious Distraction: Lost for Words and Airport Security

We choose to be distracted. Because it’s easier to be led by a distraction than it is to lead with narratives developed on our own.

There is something to be said about the focus and attention span of the American people in 2020. But the words to say them escape me right now.

“Never to be one lost for words” used to describe how I felt. At the current moment in time, I would leverage the word perplexed. This to explain, no, to articulate the precise feeling that I’m experiencing at the moment.

Perplexed with precision and perpetually pondering the propitious nature of our distraction to the obvious is a more precise demonstration of how and what I feel.

Most have marched blindly into 2020 without paying attention to a very obvious security situation. One where all the main headlines remain filled with airport, airplane, and aeronautical attacks. For moments until one of America’s political parties decides to launch an all-out offensive against their “colleagues across the aisle.”

The American public does not see that the name “Donald Trump” has taken on its own life of distraction. So much it would rather simply hate the name. So much the very reaction of negative feelings people have as a response to it has become addictive.

Like Dopamine to a Dope Addict, the Democrats have become. And like Serotonin to the suppressed, the Republicans have developed.

But what about our nation’s more important situations, like infrastructure, cyber defenses, and general security implementations?

Last night, we lost a hero to our nation, and all we do is mourn. We are posting what happened and not about how the importance of how Airport security is an illusion. Fed simply by the increase of technology claiming to “detect or thwart security issues.” But we suppress the budgets and attention that would address the issue at its head.

I posted a video yesterday of me breaking into a Los Angeles Airport 3 times yesterday here. And see these as well.

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