On Breaking and Entering the Homes of the Rich and Famous

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One of the United States’ most prominent home, garage, and gate access control companies, #Linear, has had a severe exposure to its #EmergeE3 access control systems.

In summary: Because Liner decided to store its DBMS credentials in the clear (without a password), cyber criminals have been actively exploiting this flaw, breaking into homes, and committing heinous crimes almost effortlessly due to the ease of deployment of this system’s weakness.

Who is Affected?

All who use the Liner Emerge E3 systems provided by Liner. This includes Home Garage Door Openers, Corporate Building Access Controls, and Sensitive Areas.

What To Do?

Because Linear has yet to reply and develop any patches, it’s safe to say anyone using this product is at severe risk of intrusion. Disconnect professionally and resort to manual operation procedures until you can source a replacement.

Who to tell?

Share this with literally everyone. There is significant impact to personal and home security.

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