The Atlas Reflection in the Mirror of Father Time

Revelations: 3:8
“Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name…”

I’m finally about to preach —


The Atlas Reflection in the Mirror of Father Time

Cyber Ronin’s Refections


When Father Time gave Atlas his mirror, those who viewed it were blessed and cursed with a unique duality of duty and purpose.

But, even with Ronin’s blood, it’s my Universal duty to care.

So here goes…

Every moment I see these posts, it is a constant struggle with my ego not to shrug my shoulders and say, “I’ve been telling them.” But after a few deep breaths, I come to the understanding that the most effective way to convey a message is to speak without the ego.

(Metaphor Enclosed)

Vendors are STILL attracting the Department of Defense, Intelligence and criminal activity and companies alike with the latest and greatest modified Katanas. Attracting with the most illustrious Ivory handles and extended blades every day.

Every day you see one of these posts about the latest hacks. The forest containing the tree. You are being drawn to focus on is the fact that we are in a war. One larger and more methodical than any Middle Eastern excursion presented by the differences in the United States.

Many are led to believe based on memories past. “Someone has it under control.” So, there is nothing to worry about.

You get letters in the mail telling you your most valuable information has been compromised, and there is nothing you should worry about… Because LifeLock and Experian or Equifax will give you credit monitoring for a year.

You take this pill of subduction, and you digest it. Forgetting about the message and impact, like most do when they pay their attention to the past behavior of a Stop and Frisk movement. It is “okay now,” because the creator of the atrocity “Apologized.”

What Do I See?

What I see is a battle being lost at the behest of the clicks and likes of a media machine. One inept to develop a productive narrative that will, at a minimum, give its viewers a preview of the “Force” containing the solution.

I see a collective of capable operators being judged by their color, race, and background rather than their capabilities. Being drawn to the dark side every day, because the people that should hire them fail to.

They aren’t White enough. They can’t tie a double Windsor. They don’t have the credentials like Tom that runs the SOC. The same Tom running the SOC weeks before the latest Ransomeware attack crippled your Gas Pipeline.

I see this happen every day. An otherwise white-hat will tell me how they were denied a job for some mundane reason. I’ll ask which company, and without fail I’ll do some OSINT on that company. I notice how vulnerable they are and research previous exploits. And uniquely — almost divinely — the weaknesses they have, will just so happen to be the strongest suit of the person they denied…

Without fail, that company will be the target and victim of the most ridiculous breach sooner than later.

What am I saying?

No matter how many grooves in your katana. No matter how many lives it may have taken in the battles of yesterday’s past — that Katana doesn’t have the range, the effect, and capacity to protect you in the battlefield of present-day Cyber Warfare.

I’m saying humble yourself and pay attention to the Responsible Disclosures you receive from the underground. They may want $10k. So what?

I’m watching you pay a team of Cyber Security professionals $120-500k a year, who didn’t identify this weakness for you.

To you, the elephant, a mosquito bite with the cure to your local coronavirus should be a no brainer.

I’m saying: The answers to the problem don’t come bundled in Ruth Chris dinners and Ferragamo shoes. They come in the whispers from the people who actually do this for the cause, for the grind, for the passion and not the $$.

Who Am I?

Anyone’s Best Friend and Wrong Enemy to Have

The man you didn’t want to hire years go, but watched you long enough to become a CISO of a Fortune 30 company.

A Man who sat silently behind the door when the US Government got hacked by its Byzantine problem and asked for a solution. That one guy like the rest of my friends who were ready to die for the US cause in the Middle East at a moment’s notice.

The one that didn’t want to make it to 40 years old and would have rather died in an operation for Red White and Blue, but got a call from a higher power to shine our lack of fear in another direction.

A Black Man that answered the call for the US Government in the most classified places, even Edward Snowden would have liked to have been my drinking buddy to “trade stories.”

….In Sum.

The “Resovulutions” Advance — Letting you know a storm is coming.

Ride or… You know the rest

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